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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This life is an all-out brawl, I say! Socially, economically, spiritually, mentally, politically - the good must be fought for, because the bad is seeking to claim it as its own.
If that is true, some questions present themselves:

What are you fighting for? On which battlefield have you planted a flag, drawn a line in the sand, and said "over my dead body"? Upon which hill have you set your sights and said "I will take it!"? How are you fighting? Guns are great against flesh and blood, but in many battles a gun is no good (hate vs. love, cowardice vs. courage, purity vs. debauchery). Have you sought out the finest and most powerful weapons available, and are you using them? Are you flailing at the air with eyes tightly shut, or are you dealing blow after devastating blow to your enemy's head? Who are you fighting with? Are you recruiting, training, leading others to line up beside you in the line of battle? I believe all of us have a battle to fight. The world is moving in many directions, many of them very evil. Unless you're on your toes, looking for the best way to land the next punch, you're going to be beaten (and your cause will be lost) before you know it.

This life is an all out brawl. Unless you're fighting, you're getting whupped. There are a lot of people out there getting whupped without even knowing it.

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