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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Masked

They are everywhere. Roaming college campuses, standing in line, attending churches and mosques and self help groups. They are the masked. You and I are them.

The masks take many forms. Actions, attitudes, things, and words, which are pulled out of the air and put on to hide reality. Sometimes the wearer is unaware of what he is wearing - a little like Mary Mallon.

I hear a voice pleading: "Take off the masks! Yes, some of what is underneath is ugly. Some of  what is underneath is tangled and evil and shameful. But hiding it in darkness will not make it go away!"

This hiding is a powerful urge, which we have all given in to more often then we would care to admit. It is fed by pride, shame, and the fear, and it breeds what it eats.

I know someone. He never puts on a mask. He speaks from his heart, acts according to his purpose, and never deviates from the path to his goal. He has many devoted friends, because he always tells the truth, and light brings freedom. He has many devoted enemies, because he always tells the truth, and darkness rebels against the light.

He shows us how its done, how the evil is eliminated. The process starts with taking off the mask and admitting the badness. . Let in the light and the darkness will run like a Chlamydosaurus kingii. The process continues with putting in the effort to kill the bad stuff - but that can't even begin to be successful unless the first step has taken place.

I want to be just like that man! To tear off the mask, speak the truth in love, walk the path every day. Living that way is beautiful, even amidst the failings.

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