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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Golden State

On May 24th, 2011 I fly to California for the summer. I will be living in Bass Lake, California, working for Summit Adventure. Bass Lake is about ten miles south of the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. SA's mission statement is:

"To facilitate transformational learning that strengthens relationships, deepens faith, and builds compassion through Christ-centered outdoor adventure, service, and experiential education."

My position is a hybrid between logistics and Assistant Instructor  - some of the time I'll be serving in one position, some of the time in the other. Logistics involves taking care of preparations for groups to go out, while as an Assistant Instructor I will assist the Senior Instructor in leading groups into the backcountry, teaching wilderness skills and facilitating experiential learning.

I am looking forward to doing ministry in new ways, getting a deeper understanding of leadership and ministry in the wilderness, and learning new outdoor skills.

One of my good friends said "You just can't stand to stay in Kentucky for a whole year." I will leave Kentucky exactly ten months after returning to Kentucky from Nepal, so I guess he is right. It is not that I don't love Kentucky - I do, and I love all the people that I know here. Robert Service said it well:

There's sunshine in the heart of me,
my blood sings in the breeze.
The mountains are a part of me,
I'm fellow to the trees.
To scorn all strife and to view all life 
With the curious eyes of a child.
From the plangent sea to the prairie,
From the slum to the heart of the wild.
From the red rimmed star to the speck of sand,
From the vast to the greatly small,
For I know that the whole for good is planned,
And I want to see it all.

excerpted from "A Rolling Stone", by Robert Service

In part, this summer will be a "vision casting" trip, intended to allow God to change, focus, and elaborate my understanding of His will for my life.

I have some goals for the summer, and I want to share some of them with you, partly to ensure that I keep them, and partly to motivate you to set your own goals. Some of these goals are a part of my overall goals for 2011, while others are freestanding.

1. Read through the whole Bible
2. Read three works of literature
3. Memorize three works of poetry and three passages of scripture
4. Memorize the exact altitudes of each of the "Seven Summits". Why not?

I will open a P.O. Box while I am there, and I may have internet access as well.

Enjoy your summer!


  1. Praying for you, Willis... make a trip out to Maryland while you're traveling, eh? ;)

  2. Still qualify for a post card? Hope so!
    Great stuff you write. You and cousin ought to "get together." Doing a lot of the same things. Uncle Tim

  3. Yes! Postcard! Rock on Willis, can't wait to see how your summer goes.

  4. Postcards will be sent sometime this summer! Shoot me your land addresses via facebook or email: willis_weatherfor2@mymail.eku.edu



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