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Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Baccalaureate Address

After hearing me share about my experiences in Nepal at a church, Mr. Todd Moberly graciously invited me on behalf of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to give the 2011 Baccalaureate address at Madison Southern High School. I was very pleased and honored to accept, and it was exciting to see around 50 students and their families choose to attend the Baccalaureate a few weeks ago.

In response to a request, here is a summary of the material in the address I gave.

  • I have two goals in speaking to you today. One is to give tools to help you achieve your purpose in life and enjoy it to the fullest. In order for that to happen, you need to be emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually healthy.  But I am not really here for you, though I am sure you are great people. I am here for the thousands of people you will influence over the course of your lives. And so the second part of my message will be about leadership: how to spread that overall health to the people around you.
Three Keys to Health: Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual

  • Emotional Health: The Oven Principle
    •  The Oven Principle is that "What goes in is what comes out". The ingredients that are put into an oven determine the nature of what comes out of it. Your mind is an oven. Your circumstances and attitude are the ingredients that go into your oven, while your emotions are one of the main products that comes out of it. While you often cannot control all of your circumstances, you can control your attitude. Putting a good attitude into the oven will have a direct beneficial impact on the emotions that come out of it.
  • Intellectual Health: The Pirate Principle
    •  The Pirate Principle is to "Only read the good stuff" and "Read to remember". Pirates don't read much - in fact the only thing they read is treasure maps. They only read what they know will benefit them - they only read the good stuff. Furthermore, Pirates read to remember. Imagine: a pirate is captured. His life is worthless...unless he destroys the map and remembers its information. Then he can use it to buy his life - then his life is worth something, because he read to remember. Be like the pirate. Only read the good stuff (starting points: Dickens, Lewis, Dostoyevsky, Hugo, Augustine the Bible), and read to remember (read slowly, look up words you don't know, take notes, underline if it is your book).
  • Spiritual Health: The Gospel Principle
    •  Outline of the big picture story of the Bible.

Three Tools of Leadership:
In CPR training, you learn to Look, Listen, and Feel. This is to keep you from doing CPR on perfectly healthy, breathing people who would not appreciate it. To lead effectively, you must Look, Listen, and Speak Up!
  • Look
    • Leadership requires vision. Leaders must be going someplace, and to go someplace, they have to chart a course, much like a ship setting out to sea. 
  • Listen
    • An essential part of being a leader is that people follow you. If no one follows you, you are not being an effective leader: the foundation of effective leadership is relationships. In order to build relationships, stop talking and listen. Listening shows respect, encourages communication, and enhances effectiveness and understanding.
  • Speak Up!
    • For some, listening is the hardest part of leadership. For others, speaking up is far more difficult. For every leader, it is essential. You have a message - a testament to give to the world. Without it the world will not be what it should be, with it the world will never be the same. Speak up, and let your message be heard. To lead, you have to speak up.

This is a summary of the address given at Madison Southern High School for their 2011 Baccalaureate. I am thankful for Mr. Todd Moberly, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the school for allowing me to speak.

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  1. It is a wonderful address/speech/sermon! Glad I asked you to let us all see it. Keep writing, thinking, growing, maturing, becoming "all Christ wants you to be!"


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